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2023 is here!

In the new collection, you will find anew style of dyeing that has been introduced.ICE, yes!! The melting of ice creates impressive,unique, and distinct patterns when it is used incombination with powder colors in a special tray.This new collection boasts some cool and uniqueitems such as ICE-dyed t-shirts and pants, as wellas one-of-a-kind items that …

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Maa-alune kunstilaat vol 2

The HÕIM brand is excited to participate in Maa-alune kunstilaat vol 2. Yes, we are underground in the basement of the aparaaditehase building. The event features a wide range of artists, designers, tattoo artists, and brands, with more than 20 participants in total. The event begins on Saturday, 10 December, and runs from 12 -17. …

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